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Jane Guido
Jane Guido

Jane Marie Ferraro was born on June 14, 1945, in Flushing, New York. She spent her summers on Long Island's north shore in the hamlet of Sound Beach and at the age of eight, Sound Beach became her lifetime home. Jane was surrounded by positive role models who impressed the importance of family, God, and community upon her. At age 18, Jane met her Husband, Paul Guido, while working at a local ice cream parlor. Jane and Paul married on June 5, 1965, and started a family not long after. Jane, a stay at home mother, raised three boys, John, Anthony, and Nicholas, while also staying involved in the community. In the 1970s, she became a religious education instructor for her children and a young adult group. During this time, Jane began her long tenure of volunteer work with St. Louis de Montfort Church in Sound Beach.


In 1980, Jane began working as an administrator at the Brookhaven National Laboratory. It was during this time that she began in earnest her life of community service. Jane started the first Food Drive organization at BNL and, at the same time, began volunteering for the St. Louis de Montfort Church Outreach Program. Jane and Paul both volunteered at North Shore Little League for many years. Jane was also an active Eucharistic Minister at St. Louis de Montfort until her passing in 2018.


In 1996, Jane left BNL and decided to dedicate her life to community service. She began volunteering more time to St. Louis de Montfort's Outreach Program and soon thereafter became its Director. During her tenure, Jane helped thousands of people in need both in her community and the surrounding areas. Day after day, she gave her time, experiences, and love to those in need without judgment. Jane's life of giving helped others thrive. Her influence and sacrifice knew no bounds.


Jane was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer in June 2017. After a hard fought battle, Jane passed, surrounded by family, into the light. Jane was a proud and loving wife, mother, grandmother, and aunt to her family. She celebrated her family's every achievement and provided lifelong counsel and support. She impressed upon her family the importance of giving, love, and family; lessons that the family still holds strong.


The life and legacy of Jane Guido is the heart of the Jane Guido Foundation. It is our mission to continue her giving and her sacrifice to help those in need. It is our goal to ensure that no person within our reach go hungry as long as we have the ability to feed them.

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